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I wrote an e-book my friends. Why did I do it? Great question. Many of the businesses I work with every day are having websites built, logos designed, strategies worked out, and on and on. I get to help them because they have  strong marketing budgets. Just becasue your business doesn't have a large marketing budget, dosen't mean you can't have the same amazing website my other clients have.




I get it. As business owners we have to make difficult decisions every day. Spend money here, hire a new employee, join a new civic organization. The bottom line, we have a constant tug at our available funds. And can we be for real for just a minute.... If you are just starting your business, or you are preparing for a big pivot, you simply may not have the funds on hand to hire a professional website developer and designer.




So, that's why I created this e-book. It's actually the process I take website clients through when my team and I build a site for them. These are the same questions I ask them, the same 'homework' I give them, I just condensed it all down into this e-book. So the difference is, you may need to have a separate sheet of paper or electronic document handy to write down all of your conent. The PDF you will receive is fillable, but you may run out of room 😊.




So here's what happens when you pay. 

  1.  Make your payment 
  2.  Check your email for the confirmation message
  3.  Download your e-book from the link in the email 
  4. GET TO WORK :)

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