Rent Your Own Digital Storefront

Get Your E-Commerce Built For Your Business And Don't Lose Business To Your Competitors

Now you can have your own awesome e-commerce mobile-first websites, pixel-perfect on any device and 100% search-engines friendly, without the worry of maintaining the site.

E-Commerce And Advanced Marketing Features

You can sell your own products and use coupons, loyalty cards - and much more!

Having your website is recognised by the majority of businesses as vital to their sales growth and following on from Covid is essential to remaining in businesses.

But today it is not just about having a glorified website that looks good but it needs to be able to perform the essential funnction of taking orders and cash payments on line from your customers. 

It needs to be able to be found in Search Engines and become a hook for the social media advertising as well as a data collecton service to build up your clients list.

But above all if you sell a product or a service then cutomers and clients have to be able to buy easily on-line. Otherwise the website is failing in its essential reason and your compeitors are benefiting from this online need from your customers or clients.  


Our sites are ADA WCAG Compliant as well which protects from the sites being sued and makes them attractive to new markets as well.

We Also Support Our Websites Through Social Media Marketing

We will help your site be found through social networks and SEO

Not only is it important just to have a website that is able to conduct financial transactions but also you need social media marketing to make your presence aware on the site. 

Then when your social media post is noticed it is important to be able to direct them back to your e-commerce enable website in order for them to make a purchase . 

Is Your Business Set Up To Deal With Post Covid?

It is recognised that businesses need to embrace e-commerce

If your business is to survive and propser after Covid then it surely needs to be able to offer online ordering facilities and payment taking capabilities for its visitors.  

Web Development Services

We have a range of Digital Marketing Services available as well as Web-Design Services

We are really excited at being able to offer our Digital Storefronts out to clients as a Rental Service. Especially as there is nothing like this available out there and we we believe this fill the void. 

If you were a business who needed a website you would either have to build and manage this internally or through a 3rd party. Often it would cost a lot of money to get a good looking site that lacked the functionality required to make your website work.

SEO & Digital Marketing

For a business to grow it needs to engage with its target market audience and social media is the preferred platforms to be able to reach out to existing and new customers and clients. But SEO must not be overlooked and Google is the Number One search engine and YouTube for videos must not be overlooked. 

It is important that your SEO is mobile first as mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches on the web and Iit is important to portray a positive image of your business. You need to tell the story in an engaging and fun way that is in tune with your audience preferred way of receiving information. 

Social Media Marketing

Your customers and new prospects are online and you need to be as well. More than ever it businesses use Social Media Platforms to showcase their business for promotional activity on their goods and serrvices. 

Special offers and deals are pushed hard and it is important that when a prospect is hooked that they are able to order and purchase as easy as possible with a clean and easy navigation. Often businesses will encourage through links back to their business website so this needs to be seamless transitions. 

About BDM Services

We have a vast range of Digital Marketing Services

Our mission is to help small and medium sized business to grow through offering a range of support tools that will help engage with their audience online. Through videos, ebooks and social media management we reach out to the masses to deliver our clients business message. 

Shaun Coleman

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