My Business and Personal Resume


Business : Gympie, Queensland, Australia


         Certified App Developer and Advertiser

Ceo and Founder of Gympieonmobile and Wiswhatsinstore. 35 years in advertising and 15 years as an app maker.

Professional and Certified app maker for the Operations and planning, and development to create and build advertising apps.


        Highlights of Expertise


I have been in advertising since I was 19 years old from selling, advertising for Television, Real Estate, Fashion, and Couriers.

Started a business from half a tank of petrol, with 20 cents, and 1 phone call to making a business from nought to around $3,000 a week.

Professional skills in the creation of organizing run books for economic and fuel-efficient delivery of goods.

Designing advertising slogans that sell for marketers, businesses, and personal.

I have unique skills and a unique mind and when I put my mind to the project, I can work wonders.


        Making an Impact for the future of Advertising


I wanted to make a unique impact on communicating myself and having my business identified to the world that would be able to be seen Locally, Nationally, and Internationally in minutes with the ease of use for the consumer to find my product at their fingertips and to be able to purchase the product without all the resistances and headaches, and this I have done.

The creation of the first mobile eCommerce app - No more waiting for your customers to search through all those other businesses- Promote your offer or product where they can reach it 24 hours a day and you can also update that offer or product throughout the day. Think of it this way, where you had to wait till the next day for promoting and advertising in the paper or those old models, this app can update in a matter of minutes and have it advertising Locally, Nationally, and Internationally.

We also provide that where they can go to the mobile and see the update and purchase from their mobile - this is where we outstrip all other models of mobile apps. We not only provide the customer to purchase from their mobile by we also have a matching website on their desktop.

This will be a great impact on promoting and selling your product.

We provide assistance and support and we also customized the app to help you get started.

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