Serving the Underserved

The World's Greatest Givers: Our Veterans

We Will Rise as One

The Rise as One Foundation exists to serve the underserved, the world's greatest givers: Our Veterans.

Ways to Make a Change

A few hours of your work can lead to a Veterans' new lease on life.

Joe, Dan, Linda, Lou

One Of Our Current Projects

One of our current projects is building a home honoring SSGT Louis J. Russo Memorial Home.

This home is to honor Lou and keep his memory alive and to remember what he went through, not only in war but to fight for his freedom once again to get back into the home that he built.

This four-bedroom 2,500 SQ ft home for veterans will be located in Cobbs Creek, Virginia

The president of the foundation will be personally caring for these residents personally

There will be a welcome area where pictures of Lou and his wall of honor will be displayed.

The cost of this project is $395,000.00 and it will house up to 8 veterans who are in need of housing. 

We invite you to donate to this great cause

Thank you 


Support Our Veterans

Thank you to all whom supported Cory and his family financially and spiritually through this hard time in their lives.

With your help we were able to stop the foreclosure on their home, and payback their mortgage!

The second step is to do the necessary repairs on the home. He has a leaky roof, shorted electric in his bathroom, and other immediate needs.

Please empower us to help him and his family. We stand beside them in this challenging time. 

When it's all said and done, Together we will Rise as One

Thank you

We Will Rise as One

We've already made a huge impact in Veteran's lives from Connecticut to Tennessee

The Rise as One Foundation exists to serve the underserved, the world's greatest givers: Our Veterans. We are a veteran non profit organization and we provide residential solutions for Veterans in need. Join us in empowering the world's greatest givers and ending veteran homelessness. With 30+ years of Real-Estate investing experience under our belts, we are revitalizing run-down and abandoned houses into Veteran's dream homes at no financial cost to them.