Material Design

Be modern, be beautiful.
Be material.

Be awesome

Create beautiful websites like never before

Use this platform to create truly amazing and extremely advanced websites that work perfectly on mobile and desktop.

Change texts, images and pages, add a sidebar, customize domain and navigation bar - everything with a couple of clicks and a few, simple touches.

Add buttons, links, sliders and even more advanced widgets to create astonishing web apps for you and your customers.

The sky is the limit

Add as many widgets as you want to any page, choosing among a huge list

Free forms

For example for subscribing to a newsletter

As you see, this widget also has a special background that you can easily add to "rows" to give an even more personal and slick touch to your pages

Let's add some text in columns

To show some content in a nice grid, with an icon or images/slider

Web Development

This system is great for any agency, marketer or professional that wants to quickly show his skills in web development and web design. In a few, simple clicks a ready-made website like this can be created and customized, allowing you to easily offer your customers a complete solution and an amazingly beautiful product - without any coding!


The world is mobile. Building websites and apps using this platform allows you to offer your customers a mobile-first and desktop-perfect product that will blow away their competition and bring them in every device, mobile, tablet or desktop. All this using the same, simple and ultra-effective online builder, the most advanced technology you will ever have at your fingertips

Perfect for business

Your customers are business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you. So you know they need tools to boost their sales andrevenues - tools such as coupons, loyalty cards, e-commerce systems, scratchcards and more. And all this is exactly what you can offer them, choosing from a huge list of business and marketing widgets, easy to customize

This is a list of elements

For example articles, locations or events

A simple list element

For example a picture of a cat - or anything else, such as a product, a real-estate listing etc.

This element has an author

So you can use lists it also for your "blog" - or a series of articles for your visitors to read

Saul Bellow
04-Jul-2017 22:0

This element has a date

So you can use lists for events, meetings and other time-related information

22-Feb-2018 10:0

Finally, this element has an address and a date

So you can add location based events - or even just locations, like real estate properties, stores, ...

Madison Ave, New York, NY 10037, Stati Uniti

A quick "contact form"

The easiest and fastest way to add contact information and a form to your page
You can add your email addresses
(as many as you want)
Add phone numbers (click on it to start the call)
Even your Whatsapp number!
Madison Avenue, New York
Or a street address

Then, if you want, you can quickly show a ready-made form that visitors can use to easily send you requests, feedback and messages.

Above the form, in this text right here, you can add other links, styles and whatever you want

This is a map

A (searchable) list of locations - try "museum" for example