Our Top Properties

Carefully selected villas and apartments for your dream home

Beautiful villa with indoor pool

An awesome property in West Virginia with an indoor pool, 3 bedrooms and a ton of other cool things

Castle on lake

Get your very own personal castle, be the King when you get home

Mountain Refuge

Get away from the city life, find peace among the mountains and meadows

English Home

A beautiful English-themed villa in a huge park where you and your friends can go fox hunting

Marble Cove

A colorful apartment in the heart of the city for all art and style lovers

Stone Mansion

An old mansion completely renewed with an original Native American fireplace

Who we are

Meet the people that make your dreams come true

Sam Wood

Sam Wood

CEO & Founder

He created our company in 1987 and has grown it to one of the most prominent and respected Real Estate Agencies of the world. He is also the President of the Local Association of Luxury Real Estators and a distinguished community member.

Marika Liu

Marika Liu

VP of Sales

An experienced professional in managing large groups of agents and sales representatives, she is responsible for the largest part of our agency revenues

James Brown

James Brown

Head of International Relations

James takes care of growing our network of worldwide partners, building bonds and cultivating relations that allow our customers to access the widest range of properties possible

Mark Hammill

Mark Hammill

VP of Marketing

Every marketing activity - online, offline and in person - starts with an idea from Mark. He is also in charge of implementing strategies and tactics, ensuring our company receives the deserved brand recognition and awareness

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